Oceanwide ESG

In 2022, Oceanwide made a commitment to integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into all activities. We believe that pursuing sustainability is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to add value to society and the environment.


We are fully committed to reducing our energy consumption and lowering our carbon footprint. Sustainability is an integral part of our business operations.


At Oceanwide, the safety of our employees is our first and foremost priority. We aim to cultivate a workforce characterized by diversity that mirrors the composition of society. Additionally, we provide our employees with opportunities for personal growth and development and ensure that hiring and deployment comply with national and international labour rights. We adhere to standards such as international legislation, guidelines in local and international CLA’s (collective labour agreements), and ISO and MLC quality standards.


We only engage in business with countries, companies, and individuals exempt from sanctions. Risks are regularly and systematically assessed. Screening all entities on legal and financial aspects is a standard procedure in our daily operations.