We take care of the recruitment process for you and our customers. We facilitate the entire process of identifying, selecting and attracting the best qualified and available candidates for a temporary or permanent vacancy. We use our expertise and network, available market information, the employer's facilities, network meetings, (social) media, and various online and offline sources to make the right match between an employer's request and you as an employee.

By continuously keeping ourselves informed of the current and future supply and demand sides of the labour market in our specializations and through our many years of experience in the maritime and energy sector, we can help you and offer you a great opportunity.


Depending on a project or placement duration, we offer you a temporary assignment or permanent contract. Oceanwide likes to work on long-term relationships, both with employees and with customers. Therefore, our employees can expect long-term or permanent contracts when the work relationship is mutually beneficial. 

Training & development

Do you work in the merchant fleet, and do you want to become a DPO officer? Or are you an electrician, and do you strive for a career in the Wind Energy sector? Oceanwide offers various options for employees with a maritime/technical background who want to develop in their field of work or who wants to grow by pursuing a leading role.

Based on an intake and assessment, we agree on a personal training plan in which we discuss wishes, costs and contracts.

Interested? Contact Oceanwide and discuss your options!