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Although our website may offer (functional) cookies, you can influence how you are dealing with the cookies offered while visiting websites. You can delete cookies placed via the browser and refuse to accept (certain) new cookies. The following links contain more information how you can manage cookies in several popular web browsers: Google ChromeInternet ExplorerFirefox and Safari. By removing or disabling cookies, some parts of our website may no longer operate correctly or be displayed incorrectly. You also make it more difficult for us to improve our website, to tune it to your needs or to improve our services.

Cookies used:

This website sets the following cookies:

Name cookie




Google Analytics cookie

In the Google Analytics cookies we store the data about the use of the website: when you visited the site, when you left it, how you got there and how often you visited it


Functional cookie

This functional cookie is for session persistence. Through load balancing, the work is distributed between servers, so visits within one session use the same server.


Functional cookie

This cookie registers the pages visited and searches made during the visit.


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