Day of the Seafarer 2023

Thank you Oceanwide crew

This year, once again, the annual Day of the Seafarer will be celebrated on 25 June. Oceanwide would like to take a moment to put our employees in the spotlight. We would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication for getting the job done. Thank you, Oceanwide crew.


Day of the Seafarer - IMO

Every year, the IMO organises the Day of the Seafarer 2023. This year’s theme is:

Oceans Worth Protecting. Seafarers see the seas on their voyages, and this provides many opportunities for them to take pictures of the marine environment. 

To all the seafarers, we are asking you to share a picture of the marine environment using the hashtags #OceansWorthProtecting and #Oceanwidecrew. Be creative; tell us about your role in protecting the marine environment while onboard your ship. Or if you have a picture of you in a beautiful marine environment, you can share it with us as well.

You can share the pictures on:

LinkedIn @Oceanwide

Facebook @Oceanwide

Instagram @Oceanwidecrew

Or by email with you picture and story to:

We will share your pictures on our socials and below this page in the following days. We hope to see some unique pictures and stories.

Our Oceanwide crew

We place your pictures and stories here!