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Renewable energy is the future! The energy sector is changing at a rapid pace. With an increasing focus on- en offshore wind energy. Furthermore, solar energy on a larger scale and plans for hydrogen and the development of CO2 storage will result in a shift from fossil to renewable-based economy. We assist our customers to reach their renewable goals by finding the right technical personnel. Find your renewable career at Oceanwide! We continuously search for wind technicians, high voltage specialists, electrical service technicians and various other positions for our energy clients. We help you to the next step in your career!

As a Wind Technician or Technical Specialist, you not only perform meaningful work, but you also work in a sector where demand will only increase in the coming years, thanks to the global energy transition. Because it is a relatively new sector, it’s pretty standard that specialists in electrical engineering and hydraulics can switch to sustainable energy.

Training opportunities, different work locations and associated fees are certainly among the conditions that make your work attractive. As a Wind Turbine Technician, for example, you are active on land-related projects to grow towards offshore projects. Your varied workplace, which is often at height, provides a challenge and versatility in your work. Are you ready for a job that gives you energy? Would you like to work with us on a clean, sustainable and CO2-neutral economy?

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Wind Energy vacancies

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Mark - Offshore Wind Technician

"My name is Mark, and I'm active as an Offshore Wind Technician or as I call myself: Offshore Wind Turbine Technician. As a technician in tind energy, you can expect challenging, diverse and adventurous work and work with the latest techniques and equipment. My background as a technician didn't start in wind energy, but that's not uncommon in our sector. This applies to every colleague I know. I found my way in the wind throughout my career as an electrician. But with my experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, I switched to the wind sector a few years ago. Partly due to the diversity in work and the opportunity I got to enter the wind energy market. I have gained experience under Oceanwide. It has helped me to become a real specialist in a challenging sector if I say so myself."

Mark – ‘Offshore Wind Technican''  

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We think that a good relationship between employee and employer is very important, and that is why we do everything we can to meet your wishes as much as possible, communicate clearly, and do what we say we do. We are therefore pleased to offer you the following:

  • Flexible Jobs
  • Unique work locations
  • Training opportunities
  • Varied work
  • Suitable salary

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