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The Maritime and shipping sector is one of the most important sectors for The Netherlands. The industry is versatile and includes various companies and ship types such as merchant shipping, dredging, offshore construction, offshore support and towage. We work with large and smaller leading companies in the industry. We are on a constant search for specialists like captains, chief engineers, marine engineers, riggers and sailors.

In addition to a strong passion for the profession, working in the maritime world requires a go-getter and no-nonsense mentality. You are independent and adventurous. Flexibility is one of the most important job requirements in our industry. Flexibility is what you can expect from Oceanwide. As a seafarer, you’ve come to the right place for short- and long-term contracts. Anyone who dares to enter the maritime world with the right mentality has a sustainable career ahead of them.

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Allard - Nautical Officer

"My name is Allard, and I regularly sail for Oceanwide since 2012. I operate as a nautical officer and marof on freighters and tug boats. As a nautical officer at sea, it is my main task to navigate our tugboat/freighter. Moreover, I'm responsible for the deck maintenance, administration and safety management thought the day. You are mainly a deck officer in the port, and it is all about loading/unloading, ballasting, and managing all matters on deck. As a marof, you can expect to help your colleges out at the engine room. It mainly concerns preventive maintenance. With some marof functions, the emphasis is on the nautical side, with others on the technical side. That's why every position is a new challenge. The various jobs and employers I've worked with throughout my time working for Oceanwide helped me to develop myself even. That's why I'm very pleased with Oceanwide.''

Allard – ‘Nautical Officer'

What we offer

We think that a good relationship between employee and employer is very important, and that is why we do everything we can to meet your wishes as much as possible, communicate clearly, and do what we say we do. We are therefore pleased to offer you the following:

  • Flexible Jobs
  • Unique work locations
  • Training opportunities
  • Varied work
  • Suitable salary

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