Top vacancies

In addition to the current vacancies, Oceanwide has several top vacancies. Read more about these vacancies below and find out if this suits you right.

Our Oceanwide specialists will help you find the challenging job you are looking for. By applying for one of our top vacancies, we can help you find a job at home and abroad. In addition, you can of course always contact us for the possibilities.

Offshore E&I technician

You know everything about electrical engineering and instrumentation. We are continuously looking for E&I technicians. Read more about this top vacancy and apply directly.

Mechanic/engineer Towage ships

A (chief) Engineer in towage ensures that the engines, diesel generators, pumps and all other electronic equipment on board continue to work properly. Read more about this top vacancy and apply directly.

Nautical Officer

As a Nautical Officer in the shipping industry, your day at sea starts with a watch. While you're on watch, you navigate the ship. When it is quiet, there is some time for paperwork such as map improvements.

Offshore Operator/Mechanic

As an Offshore Operator/Mechanic, you are responsible for coordinating and controlling all steps in the production process. As a result, you ensure that everyone on the platform can perform their work safely. Read more about this feature.

Offshore Wind Technician

As an Offshore Wind Technician, you know everything about Electrical Engineering and Hydrolics. In addition to challenging work at height, you also have meaningful work by making the world a little greener every day.