Privacy Statement


Privacyverklaring (Nederlands)

If you decide to voluntarily provide us with information, we will use this information in accordance with our Privacy policy.

Oceanwide is convinced that the privacy of its candidates, flex workers, employees, and of other relations and website visitors, is essential. Personal data is therefore handled and secured with the greatest possible care, in compliance with the requirements laid down by Dutch law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you provide personal data to Oceanwide, your data is included in the Oceanwide databank. This also applies to data that we receive from you or a representative of a (potential) business relation (such as a customer, supplier, seller or other company or agency).

Data processing of website visitors

You can visit our website without providing us with any personal data. We do however collect, just like ample other websites, specific non-identifiable and automatic information about users of our websites. We process data regarding the date, time and access during your visits to our website, information on which channel brought you to our website, the pages and sections you visit and information that you upload onto, or download from the website.

The collected data is used to optimally attune the website content to the wishes and needs of our website visitors. We may disclose unidentifiable information to third parties, and this data is stored for future use.

Processing personal data

We collect and process your data in order to process our services. We may use your data for the following purposes:

  • To be able to comply with applicable law and legislation;
  • To enter into and maintain with you an employee/employer relationship or a staff/job mediation relationship, and to keep records on personal, financial, time tracking, absence and/or wage administration, or to enter into and maintain a relationship directed at acquiring / carrying out assignments, and to keep an financial administration for this;
  • To assess your suitability for a specific position or assignment, to record your availability and to bring you into contact with, or introduce you to, one of multiple (potential) customers and/or relations;
  • To advise you on work, education or training possibilities, to offer you career counselling and/or other (work-related) services, to use your skills at customers, carry out activities at customers, or to arrange assignments for you;
  • To be able to conclude agreements with yourself, our customer(s) and/or relations, and to be able to execute and fulfil these agreements;
  • To assess if you qualify for a (premium) discount and/or subsidy, or fall under a (premium) discount or subsidy scheme;
  • To fulfil our reintegration obligations, and to meet the objective imposed by the government to help people that are further distanced from the labour market to find work;
  • To improve and stimulate your personal development, to assist you with participating in (online) tests and generating test results;
  • To inform you about our services, other activities, and/or professional information (for instance via e-mail, SMS, newsletters, business magazines and professional literature), and to be able to provide you with offers on behalf of Oceanwide;
  • For management purposes and generating management information and reports, executing market analyses, (internal and external) inspections, audits and accountant inspections and to improve and enforce operational safety;
  • To be able to grant you access to, and use of, our secure web and mine environments and (self-service) portals;
  • To inform you about the products and/or services of partners that are carefully selected by us, by adding information on these products and/or services to our websites, or by including information in our newsletters, business magazines and the likes.

Oceanwide processes, amongst other things, the following data: name, address, place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, nationality, date and place of birth, gender, marital status, curriculum vitae (CV), work experience, bank account number, policy or customer number health insurer, data on education, (copy) certificates, references, (copy) passport photo, (copy) ID card, social security number (BSN), (copy) work permit and (copy) residence permit.

Oceanwide may disclose your personal data to its customers and relations, suppliers (such as educational institutions), audit authorities, government agencies, subcontractors, and to companies and/or individuals involved by Oceanwide for carrying out certain tasks (including editors). Oceanwide may also provide your data to third parties, if it is authorized or obliged to do so on the basis of applicable law and legislation, a court order or ruling, or has been granted your permission to do so.

We only process particular personal data if we have your permission for this, or if there is any (other) legal basis for this. The particular data processed by us usually involves data that can be deducted from your identification document, of which the law requires we make a copy when you start working for us. We may also process particular personal data regarding your social security situation or background. We do this in order to use (premium) discounts and/or subsidies, to comply with our reintegration obligations and to execute the government target of helping people that are further distanced from the labour market back to work, which can be found in various (future) laws and legislation.

The particular personal data that you provide to us can only be accessed by people that require this data for carrying out their activities, and/or to comply with applicable law and legislation. Examples of this include HR or Financial staff, processors, financial reporting and executing premium discounts and subsidy schemes. We may also disclose particular personal data received from you to our customers, if there is a legal basis for this. We may furthermore disclose this data to government agencies supervising the execution of government targets and/or allocating (premium) discounts and/or subsidies.

Oceanwide will not save your personal data any longer than what is necessary for the objectives for which this data has been collected, and complies with the applicable law and legislation:

  • If you have not (yet) worked for Oceanwide, we will save your data up to 2 years after the last contact;
  • If you have worked for Oceanwide, your data will be available for up to 2 years after terminating the employment. If there is a longer statutory retention obligation, certain data must be retained for a longer period.

Use of personal data

Personal data received by Oceanwide from employees or representatives from business relations (such as customers, suppliers, sellers, and other companies or agencies) is used by us for the following objectives:

  • So you are able to use our services and/or we can use your services;
  • To enter into, and maintain, a trading relationship with you;
  • To agree on assignments, and/or to be able to (have) these executed;
  • To inform you about our services and other activities (for example via e-mail, SMS, newsletters and business magazines) and to be able to provide you with offers;
  • To comply with applicable law and legislation;
  • To be able to grant you access to, and use of, our closed web environments, portals and intranet environments;
  • To inform you about the products and/or services of partners that have been carefully selected by us, by adding information on these products and/or services to our websites, or by including information in our newsletters, business magazines and the likes.

Right of access

You can request information on your data that is processed by us via your contact at any moment. You can also at any time request to add, improve or remove your data via the aforementioned procedure.

Questions, remarks and complaints

If you have questions, remarks or complaints with regard to this privacy statement, or the way in which Oceanwide registers, uses and processes your data, you can make these known per e-mail via You can also send a letter to Oceanwide, Attn. Juridische Zaken (Legal Affairs), Stadhuisplein 20, 4382 LG Vlissingen (NL). We aim to respond to your question, remark or complaint within four weeks after receipt.

Amending privacy statement

Oceanwide can amend this privacy statement. The most actual privacy statement can always be found on the Oceanwide website.