Nautical Officer

As a Nautical Officer in the shipping industry, your day at sea starts with a watch. While you're on watch, you navigate the ship. When it is quiet, there is some time for paperwork such as map improvements, making stowage plans and travel preparations, reading and answering e-mail and various types of administration.

After the watch, it's time for dinner, and after that, some deck work. The deck work can include lubricating the winches, maintaining rescue equipment and checking cargo. Then the second watch starts, after which you can rest.

In the port, your primary task is to prepare the ship for loading or unloading, check stability, gauge the refuelling and manage loading/unloading and other deck matters.

Meet our Nautical Officer


My name is Allard, and regularly sail for Oceanwide since 2012 as a Nautical officer or Marof on cargo ships and tugboats. My main task onboard is navigating the ship, several Maintainance tasks on deck, doing some administration and safety management. In the harbour, you are mainly a deck officer, and it is all about loading/unloading, ballasting and managing all matters on deck. As a officer, you must be good at of have experience with:

  • Keeping an overview of everything on board
  • Be decisive
  • You must have a flexible attitude
  • Managing crew and taking orders from the captain
  • Think in solutions
  • Indent every post when needed
  • And a wide range of maritime experience

As Marof, on top of the duties, is working in the engine room. If everything goes well, it is mainly about preventive maintenance. In some Marof positions, the emphasis is on the nautical, in others on the technical part.

With tugboats, it depends on the project what the work is. For example, this can be a towage project and an offshore or dredging project, in which you must be multi-deployable.

When there is a project, Oceanwide asks if I am interested in the job. After that, it is up to the crew matters of the relevant shipping company to approve. Oceanwide then takes care of the communication and the necessary documentation. Finally, the transport is arranged to get on board and then my work can begin. The fee payment goes through Oceanwide, and this never went with any complications. So my payment is on time as you should expect,  the combination with the right work for me and the service from Oceanwide makes it very satisfying to work for them.

“Professional, thoughtful & correct. Oceanwide strives for the best for all parties.”

We are looking for you!

We are looking for flexible and experienced people for various merchant ships. The sailing area is worldwide. In our business, it's pretty common to sail up to three months, but this varies by the specific job. Thanks to your experience, you know better than anyone how to navigate, manage and maintain ships. You are someone who can work independently but also function well in a team. You can also give orders to the crew from the bridge and on deck.

We expect that:

  • You have all the certificates of a Chief Officer <3000GT (A-II/2) or all ships (A-II/2).
  • You have all the necessary (valid) STCW certificates in your possession.
  • You have at least two years of experience on merchant shipping (general cargo) ships.
  • You are flexible, can work independently but also in a team.

Are you the right man or woman for this position, and have we aroused your interest? Then apply directly using the form below.

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