Offshore Wind Technicians

As an Offshore Wind Technician, you know everything about Electrical Engineering and Hydraulics. in addition to challenging work at heights, you have a meaningful job and make the world a little greener every day.

For the coming years, we are continuously looking for Wind Technicians like you. The Offshore Wind is the holy grail for you as a Wind Technician. If you are working at land-based wind operations, your way to the offshore wind is also a logical step. Working for one of our customers offers you, in addition to a great work location at sea, the opportunity to work on the latest technology is one of the attractive things about your job as a Wind Technician. Your adventurous and no-stress mentality will take you further in this profession. No day is the same. On this one day, you are busy as a technician by carrying out repairs, and on other days you ensure quality and safety by carrying out inspections at the Offshore Wind Turbines. A Wind turbine technician never stops learning and will also have to upgrade his knowledge by following courses that allow you to take your career to a higher level.

You and your colleagues ensure that everyone can use sustainable energy. In addition to working day shifts, running breakdown services in which you have to be available 24/7 is quite common in your field of expertise.

Meet our specialist

Mark - Offshore Wind Technician

hello, my name is Mark, and I am active as a Wind Technician or, as I call myself: Offshore Wind Turbine Technician for Oceanwide. As a technician in the wind, you are engaged in challenging, diverse and adventurous work, and working with the latest techniques and equipment makes it challenging. I have not always been active as a Wind Technician, which applies to every colleague I know. I came here because I have been active for years as an electrician for entirely different activities. But with my experience in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, I switched to the wind sector a few years ago.

I ended up in this profession through Oceanwide. I was looking for something new, and I was asked if this didn't suit me. At first, I wasn't quite sure if this worked for me, especially since I also have a mild form of fear of heights. But I can tell you that I've gotten over this by now; luckily, I'm adventurous. I still had quite a lot to learn in my early days, despite the experience I already had as an electrician and mechanic. For example, I had to deal with new mechanical tools with which I was not familiar. As a result of extensive training and the help of colleagues, I have mastered the profession.

I think you should have the following qualities:

  • You are a Technician at heart
  • Stress resistant
  • Adventurous minded
  • Extends to work in breakdown services or rotational services
  • You think in solutions, not obstacles
  • Eager to learn and stay up to date with the latest techniques.

I find the profession so challenging because no day is the same. For example, on one day, you are busy checking safety by, among other things, checking bolts and nuts, and on other days you are, for example, busy replacing parts that keep the turbines running. Besides that, I like the work. I think the job is in an essential and meaningful industry that helps everyone in their energy needs. The chance to make the world a little greener is important to me.

Therefore, offshore wind is very diverse for me, you keep learning, and you are working with the latest technologies. It is crucial that you are adventurous and have a no-stress mentality. For me, it is the best job ever, and I am happy that I have become active in the Wind Energy sector on behalf of Oceanwide.

We are looking for you!

We are continuously looking for Wind Technicians for the Offshore like you. Your working area is in the North Sea, where you can apply your skills as a technician at a great height. You will not avoid any problem and ensure that the turbines continue to run. Because you will be working at Oceanwide as a seconded person, if you prefer this, you will work on a project basis, so that in addition to security as a seconded person, you can also gain knowledge from various employers. You are independent, have the right experience, and make decisions to solve problems where you need to support other colleagues.

We have already realised much guidance from work to work. It is not (always) important that you have direct experience in the wind, but with the right background experience, skills, mentality and physicality to master the profession. Can make. Training and education that you follow with our customers are, of course, possible. Even if you're experienced in the Wind sector, Oceanwide is the right place for security, a good salary and other additional employment conditions.

We expect that: 

  • you have at least a MBO 3/4 in electrical engineering / mechanical engineering with 3 to 5 years of experience in both electrical and mechanical fields and preferably also hydraulics
  • You have an excellent command of the English language in word and writing
  • You are flexible and are willing to work at different times, rotation services and breakdown service
  • You are not afraid of heights, and your in excellent condition because of the multiple climbing sessions a day

Are you the right man or woman for this position, and have we aroused your interest? Then apply directly using the form below and leave your resumé!

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