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The Netherlands - Vlissingen

The Maritime team in Vlissingen specializes in the recruitment, secondment and placement of Dutch, European and international seafarers and other maritime personnel on board merchant, dredging, towing and offshore support vessels. In addition to recruitment and secondment, the entire HR process is organized. From training and certification to insurance and international travel.

Moreover, our office in Vlissingen is the head office of the Oceanwide group. Our department's Finance, ICT, HR and Marketing are located here.

The Netherlands - Den Helder

The Energy team in Den Helder specializes in recruiting and seconding Dutch and EU technical personnel working in the offshore oil and gas industry, particularly on platforms in the North Sea. In addition, this team is also active in the renewable energy industry and is actively involved in energy transition projects.

The Offshore Catering team in Den Helder offers a total package of catering and hospitality services for offshore platforms and ships. In addition to the necessary personnel, a total package is supplied that consists of food, cleaning and laundry.

Visit the Catering website for more information about these catering services: Click here

The Netherlands - Rotterdam

The Marine Engineering team in Rotterdam specializes in the recruitment, selection and secondment of technical specialists such as engineers, technical specialists and other office positions for companies in the maritime industry.

USA - Houma, LA

The USA team in Houma Louisiana specializes in the recruitment and secondment of maritime personnel for offshore, drilling, support vessels and construction. In addition, the team is also active in the field of technical personnel for maintenance and operations of oil & gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mexico - Ciudad del Carmen

The Mexico team in Ciudad del Carmen specializes in the recruitment and secondment of operational and technical personnel for maintenance and operations of platforms and offshore work vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the team also provides maritime personnel for offshore, drilling and support vessels.

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